Thursday 22 March 2018

Constructing the Cat’s Cradle ~ March 2018

The Creswell Arms, ready to advertise!

The construction of the Cat's Cradle set!
So last Saturday, we started on constructing the set that would be home to the Creswell Arms for the performance of “Cat’s Cradle” this week. (Yes, the curtain is going up today!) It feels like only yesterday that we were announcing the auditions and then the cast!

The mini model of Creswell Arms

With every performance, the lovely Shep creates a small model of the set - for which is our reference/target for the finished set. Complete with multiple doors, a reception desk and staircase, the set was looking rather technical to begin with.

Like every set, it requires a specific combination of flats (these are the thick, large “planks” of wood that vary in length from 1ft to 6ft) to be decorated and painted over in the weeks running up to the performance- which sometimes requires multiple layers of paint to get rid of the previous set’s work. Let’s just say ATG is incredibly lucky to have some amazingly artistic members when they have a paintbrush in hand! 

Once we’ve got all the flats transported from their holding space (otherwise known as the hut!) to Warlingham Church hall where we perform, it’s time to start building. Drills and screws at the ready! 

Nailing the art of wallpaper paste!
But it isn’t all technical handiwork and power tools at an ATG set build day. It’s very common to find that there’s a few last minute jobs that need to be done. Every performance always has a scrap of wallpapering or painting that can only be done right at the end! (There is definitely an art involved in making a wallpaper paste...) 

What’s great about an ATG set build day is not only the fish and chip lunch from across the road, but the fact that there’s something for everyone to do, irregardless of experience, knowledge or strength. 

The Creswell Arms taking form
Seeing the finished set after a long day is a rewarding feeling. You can see for yourself just how much can be achieved in the space of a day by a bunch of ATG members. Curtain goes up tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night - there’s still time to buy tickets in case you haven’t from here:

ATG :)