Sunday 25 November 2018

Our 50th Celebration ~ June 2018

Hello again- it’s been a while!

 Lots has happened since we last posted, but the biggest thing has to be ATG’s 50th celebration! Yes, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of our little drama group and we all love a good party!
ATG turned the big five-o

 So much has happened since the start of the group... Rewind fifty years back to 1968, and ATG started with a leaflet drop in houses around the Selsdon and Forestdale areas asking for anyone who was interested in joining a drama group to attend a meeting at a local church. The meeting was well attended and fast forward through a few names changes, a couple of different rehearsal spaces and many enjoyable performances and ATG has blossomed into one heck of a group. 

Planning for the 50th started months ago, and no doubt that it was going to be upon us before we knew it! With a pre-prepared selection of delicious food either from Cook or our members, and the hall adorned with an array of decorations, we were ready! Our new tradition of having some hand made selfie props made another appearance and has proved humorous once again! They’re great fun, and we even had a photo opportunity with our chaise lounge (it should be mentioned that this particular piece of furniture is part of ATG as well - it’s been used in so many of our plays!) 

Baby ATG members both new and old
 Along with the selfie props and photo opportunity, we also had a guess the member’s baby photo for people to get all fourteen photos correctly identified. After all of the entries were marked and counted, we were surprised to find that only two members managed to correctly identify all of the photos correctly! (Even if they were working together, but teamwork makes the dream work, right?!) It’s always interesting to see who actually looks similar to their baby photo :) 

 It was an absolute pleasure to see our newer members mixing with the established or older members over the shared interest of ATG. One thing that is amazing about ATG

is the variety of different people that are a part of it - from all different walks of life that share ATG, whether it’s performing or being backstage. 

 Celebrating fifty Years was an absolute delight and we all hope that we will continue for another fifty!

ATG :)