Tuesday 4 February 2020

Silver Screen ~ December 2019

Hello! It's 2020! :O

Some of our members all dressed up :D
We were back with another post - and this time, we’re having a throwback to December when we had our annual Christmas party. The theme for this year came about in a slightly unusual year. Almost in reverse because we had members who wanted to come dressed as particular characters from a very large and popular franchise that has been around for almost as long as ATG! A team of our members redecorated our rehearsal hut into a mini studio. There were four photography backdrops used to depict a different genre or styles (under the sea, haunted house, pirate ship and an additional one that we decided to call mysterious fairy garden!) and even Oscar the Oscar came out to celebrate (he tends to only be used at our biannual awards nights, so this was a bonus outing.) 

Blockbuster posters with an ATG twist!
The walls of kitchen and entrance of the hut was plastered with about thirty film posters with an ATG twist. Some of the characters on the posters had had their faces switched with some of our members. From classic films to recent blockbusters, there were a couple that had us laughing. [It was another moment where we said Mori- our social secretary - has too much time on her hands despite having a full time job!] and one of them was even taken home by the member themselves ;) 

Like most Christmas parties, we had our traditional game of pass the parcel and musical chairs. The final round of musical chairs saw Darth Vader battling it out with Danny from Grease! Unfortunately the force must have been weak that night and our Danny was crowned the winner. Whilst traditions work well, there was an extra addition of charades to make those photography backdrops worthwhile. There were films relating to each of the four scenes to make it slightly more cohesive! 

ATG can't resist a game of Pass the Parcel!
What is great about our Christmas parties is how everyone throws themselves into the theme in the dressing up part - and it didn’t matter if you went all out with a spot of DIY, put an outfit together with what you had or bought one online. It was great to see such a several of characters that people had chosen to come dressed as- so much so that it would have been impossible to pick a best dressed! 

With another year over and another Christmas party celebrated, ATG turns its attention to 2020 of which marks another awards night year! Who knows what the theme will be? Definitely something to look forward to :) 

Challenge time - how many characters can you name?!

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