Tuesday 23 July 2019

Blanchman’s fair ~ June 2019


Earlier in June, ATG headed up to the Warlingham Fair up at Blanchman’s Nature Reserve with the hopes of drumming up interest and new members. As a drama group that isn’t just specialised to performing, we like to show that we are a creative and social bunch both on and offstage.
Some members ready to meet and greet at Blanchman’s 

Our little gazebo was pitched up in the early hours of Sunday morning, completed with a couple of tables (including one that may have been borrowed from the food tent nearby...), a carefully crafted set model and one of our lighting desk. To add to the silliness of the group, we also had an array of different wigs and hats for people to joke about with! Some of which may have been used during our last performance of “Pirate Radio” back in May. 

The fair itself was full of different stalls - whether it was creative people selling their own produce, cakes or cards, or various groups that were also recruiting for new members. Not to mention there was also a large space in the centre of the field where people were able to watch the parade, dance performances, falconry and an agility course for dogs throughout the day.

A small team of our members were ready and armed with advertisement flyers and a clipboard for potential members details. In reflection of our previously mentioned silliness, some of us were all decked out in fancy dress of which may or may not have acted as a deterrent! Only time will tell on that one, but if anything, it did land us a photo in the CR2 magazine! 
A glimpse of ATG in the CR2 magazine! 

Unfortunately, and in true typical British weather, we were hit by the odd occasional burst of rain, but we refused to let it dampen our spirits! (Yeah, there was some lovely sunshine in the morning, although short lived obviously!) 

As always, we are constantly on the lookout for new members both onstage, backstage and socially. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about the group then check out our website at https://www.atgdramagroup.co.uk/ where you can check out our backlog of past shows, social events and upcoming dates for your diaries.

Hope to hear from you soon,